Commodity trading

Trade a long list of commodities, hard and soft, with Fantex. It was an old issue the fact that traders did not used commodities to diversify their portfolio, because it used to require time, money and expertise they didn’t possess. Fantex is offering the environment to facilitate your commodity trading.

Commodity trading is the process of buying and selling the raw materials which are used to manufacture other products. Commodities are the fundamental blocks of the global economy. Commodities are divided in two categories: hard and soft. Soft commodities are the ones which need a time to grow, like coffee, cocoa, sugar, corn, livestock, wheat and more. Hard commodities are the ones which need to be mined from the earth or water in a way or another. Hard commodities would be gold, oil and other minerals.

There are several exchanges that are specialized in commodity trading. The London Metal Exchange is specialized in non-precious metals and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange is specialized in energy and metals. With Fantex you have the right to trade all kind of commodities, providing great level of liquidity and the opportunity of leverage which can multiple your wins and your losses also. 

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