Basic Trading Guide

You are trading, not investing.

Fantex is allowing you to trade the most popular assets on spread. Here, you will not buy any asset itself, you will trade on the price of the asset. So, you have the chance to make profits on both sides, even if the prices go down or if they go up.

What is leverage and how does it serve to traders?

We provide trading on leverage, which means you fund smaller amount of capital and appear on the markets with bigger. Since the leverage boost your trading capacities, you will have much more chances to boost your profits. Leveraged trading is also known as trading on margins. This means that the necessary funds required to open a position- this is called margin- are a fraction of the total trade size.

Open long or short positions.

The beauty is that you can profit from bullish or bearish market. You can make money when prices go up or down by opening long (you buy if you think the market will rise) or short (you sell if you think the market will fall).

How can I start?

Trading itself has always an amount of risk inside, since nobody ever know, either will know for sure how the market will move. Fantex offers negative balance protection for all clients; you will never lose more than you put in. There are additional protective mechanisms on our trading platforms, which help you protect your capital.

What stop loss and take profits are for?

Stop- loss and take profits are two key risk management tools. They are defined manually by the trader and executed automatically when the condition is met in the asset price. Stopp losses is useful when the market turns against you, and you want to save your capital. Take profits is useful when you want to have those profits because you don’t think they will raise later.

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